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Network ESC offers new clients an exclusive 14 Hour Guarantee on 1st Two Days of Temporary Staffing!

The last thing any hiring manager needs is for a temporary employee to show up for an assignment and to be totally dissatisfied in what the individual brings to the table. Such instances turn out to be complete waste of time, money and effort. Many businesses have been disappointed with the level of subject-matter expertise, skills, performance, and behavior of temporary staff. Network ESC a Division of Network Temps, Inc. guarantees your satisfaction with the performance for all temporary resources or you will not be billed. We will provide unparalleled assessment and screening of each temporary employee to ensure that the individual brings the knowledge, skills, experience and attitude that the client needs. We are so confident that we will cover the cost of the temporary employee's first 14 hours if you are not satisfied with his/her performance.

Please contact us at (212) 683-2300 for a personal consultation with one of our client service specialists.

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