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What Does a Data Engineer Do?

Data engineers are responsible for maintaining, designing, and developing the data platform that includes data warehouses, data pipelines, data infrastructure, and data applications. They are there to provide companies with accessible data so that they can use it to optimize and evaluate their performance. There are three vital roles that date engineers fall into:

Generalist Small companies or teams typically have generalists where these engineers wear many hats as one of the few people focusing on data in the organization. They are often held responsible to manage and analyze data.

Pipeline-centric These engineers are often found in midsize organizations. Pipeline-centric data engineers require in-depth knowledge of computer science and distributed systems to work alongside data scientists to optimally use the data they collect.

Database-centric Data engineers in larger companies focus on analytics databases. Database-centric engineers work across multiple databases and are responsible for evolving table schemas.

Data engineer salary According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average salary of a data engineer in 2021 is USD 119,158 per year which is pretty high when compared to salaries of software engineers or professionals working in the related fields. This is because demand for these engineers is high in number when compared to their supply.

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