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Trusted Partners.
Predictable Results.

Network ESC's Retained Executive Search provides the highest level of recruiting support for C-suite and executive placements.

Our clients have remained loyal over the years in recognition of the unparalleled service, expertise and dedication we’ve demonstrated time and time again. They value our superior knowledge of the market and the mission critical skill sets that make their business possible. We have assisted companies of all sizes and industries with their talent acquisition and project management needs by providing access to experienced professionals from our database and identifying new talent in accordance with their current needs. The ROI (return-on investment) can not only be quantified, but can be experienced in daily business affairs. Network ESC engages in a true partnership with its clients.   We provide more than highly skilled professionals across disciplines. We serve as a resource for industry research, business continuity, and strategic vision.  Network ESC has established several Specialized Practices, each led by a Managing Director who orchestrates the activities of our Recruitment Associates.  

Please see our practice areas below. 

Accounting, Audit, & Taxation

HIgher Education

Banking & Financial Services

Business Analytics & Data Science

InfoRmation Technology

Health Care

Administrative Support Services

Legal Services

Human Resources

Non Profit, Education, & Human Services

Diversity Solutions

Engineering & Applied Science

Pharmaceutical & Animal Health Solutions

Digital Marketing & Design

Statement of Ethics

One of our competitive advantages has always been our recognition as an extremely ethical firm that places a premium on personal and professional integrity. As a leader in the industry, Network ESC has worked tirelessly to ensure that our firm and our employees demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the fundamental principles of honesty, fair play and the exercise of solid discretion. These principles are the cornerstone of the corporate philosophy at Network ESC and are reflected in our everyday values and corporate standards. We believe that uncompromising business ethics should serve as the platform for our relationships with Network ESC employees, colleagues, clients, business partners, vendors and competition. Actions and behaviors that fail to adhere to these standards or, even lend themselves to the appearance of impropriety, will undermine the foundation of the firm and are deemed totally unacceptable. To this end, we at Network ESC, pledge our commitment to the highest ethical standards in business and all professional relationships. 

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