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Professional Services and Strategic Advisory Practice

The nature of today's dynamic world economy is complex and challenging.  Pragmatic strategic planning is essential to the success of any organization.  Network ESC equips corporate leadership with comprehensive strategic advisory consultation services that enable organizations to compete in niche industries and engineer road maps to financial profitability.

Recent Projects

NetworkESC relentless commitment to excellence!

  • Data science-driven market analysis project initiative for new companion pharmaceutical suite for global animal health company in northern New Jersey.

  • CCAR consultation for top international investment banking institution on organization of internal resources to address deficiencies in regulatory reporting program.

  • Advanced Monte-Carlo simulation advisory services on market risk for major fixed income quantitative trading desk.

  • Application of AI Machine learning to enhance factory operations and spearhead production process re-engineering for top US automotive manufacturer.

  • M&A due diligence for Pharmaceutical company acquisition.

  • 10K and 10Q regulatory reporting for top publicly held entertainment conglomerate

  • Real Estate acquisition modeling and analysis for retirement community target in Florida

  • Strategic planning for one of the world's leading online distributors warehousing expansion in NYC and NJ

What We Provide

  • Professional Services and Management Consulting: Network ESC provides a broad range of professional services support in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Human Resources, Healthcare, Legal, Engineering and Applied Science and Executive Leadership.  Whether you are seeking interim CFO support, require on-site Data Science Research and Analytics Project Teams, or Contract Litigation Attorneys, our professional services practices are geared to customize solutions for your needs. 

  • Corporate strategy and strategic planning: Network ESC works in partnership with clients to craft broadly comprehensive organizational strategies across business units while ensuring alignment and cooperative integrations.  Our strategic consulting practice offers industry-specific advisory services consulting to meet the challenges of market research and analysis, stress-scenario testing, business decision-making, allegiance modeling, and process design.

  • Brand strategy, growth, and innovation: Network ESC takes a 360-degree perspective on maximizing existing revenue channels and facilitating new streams of revenue growth. Our approach to qualitative and quantitative engineering strategy and real-time application to consumer behavior and market trends consistently enables clients to exceed pre-existing visions of market penetration resulting and increased profits across product suites.

  • Organizational/Business Process Re-engineering: Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) aims at cutting down enterprise costs and process redundancies, but unlike other process management techniques, it does so on a much broader scale. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) - also known as process innovation and core process redesign - attempts to restructure or obliterate unproductive management layers, wipe out redundancies, and remodel processes differently. Our Strategic Advisory Practice provides specific models and offer clients options on how to best allocate resources, prevent redundancies, maximize production and save money.

  • Mergers and acquisitions: Companies merge to align synergies, economies of scale, to expand operations, cut costs and drive revenues. Some challenges specific to mergers include the lack of management foresight, the inability to overcome practical challenges and the loss of revenue momentum.  Network ESC provides expert advisory support for phases of mergers and acquisitions including target research, vetting and due-diligence and strategic proposals. Our advisory practice can guide you through this process from financial due diligence to organizational integration.  

  • Functional strategy: Our strategy consulting services include consultative support for all back and middle-office operations including information technology, finance, human resources, procurement.  Our contractors have facilitated comprehensive systems integration and implementation initiatives, financial reporting, human resources recruiting, and procurement process management for top organizations across industries.

Statistical analysis of business decision-making is extremely complex, dynamic, multi-layered and mission critical.   Network ESC provides expert quantitative and qualitative modeling analyses that elaborate the scope of market competition, risk and process efficiency as well as provide organizations with the intelligence to make the right business decisions. Whether performing real estate acquisition modeling for a private equity firm or market analytics for a medical device company looking to introduce a new injection molded centrifuge product, Network ESC has the analytics resources to ensure comprehensive analysis of business problems, execute resolution initiatives and provide strategic direction and advisory services for all industries.  Our regional and national presence offers the bandwidth to services clients across industries and regions and provide unique client service in tailoring our services for specific and intricate client challenges.  

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