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Remote Working


Remote Managed Services is an ideal strategy to supplement the on-site technology team.  Our platforms allow us to detect problems and down servers and PC’s as soon as the problem happens.  We can easily identify the issue and begin resolving the problem.

What We Do

Prior to the inception of RMS models, IT support companies would have to dispatch someone out to your site.  The client would have to rush to the site to escort the service technician in the facility.  Network ESC’s remote managed service platform gives offers the advantage of knowing the status of your network in real-time and in most cases being able to resolve any problems immediately, during off-hours or over the weekend without impacting your organization’s day-to day operations. Gone are the days of calling in to your IT vendor when your computers or server are down.  With Remote Managed Services, we can efficiently do proactive maintenance so that we can avoid any downtime for your practice.​​


Faster diagnosis and resolution to critical IT issues

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Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure

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Problem alerts

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Server and workstation patch management

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Anti-Virus & Spyware

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More About Us

Network ESC is a leading provider of IT Remote Services for Healthcare Institutions. Our Network Operations Centers (NOC) are located in midtown, NYC. We provide real time monitoring of your servers and computers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The NOC technicians are highly skilled Tier 2 and Tier 3 diagnosticians who are trained to troubleshoot and resolve issues as soon as they are identified, allowing for faster resolution to issues that could slow down your workflow.

Network has established an innovative remote managed service provider model.  With our platform, we are equipped to monitor, pinpoint, diagnose, provide solutions in an efficient and expedient manner.  Our highly trained help desk, network and systems administrators can interface seamlessly with our client’s technology platforms and provide real-time support for technology challenges.  Along with our ability to respond swiftly to IT operations concerns, we can monitor our client’s technology security risk with innovative software that enables us to maintain optimal functionality of your systems.  Our proactive model provides top-flight risk mitigation and the ability to address technology challenges with immediacy demanded for mission critical processes.

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