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Meet The Team

It's our job to help you

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Mary Sinanan

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VP Administration and Operations


Maltie Pooran

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Chief Financial Officer ​


30 years of experience successfully maintaining full leadership and oversight for all financial activities for the Network ESC.


Cameron Jason

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Executive Vice President & COO

Over 20 years leading recruitment and sales strategy, professional services, executive search, and diversity programming initiatives.

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Deidra Olds, MBA, PM Certification

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Senior Director

Risk, Merchant Banking, and Credit Analytics Advisory


Don McCormick, JD

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Senior Director, 

AML Compliance Advisory

Former FBI Agent


Alex Ottaviani

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VP Temporary Staffing and Recruitment

20 years of experience in the staffing industry and leads the day-to day temporary staffing programs for Network ESC.


Mark Samuel

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Manager of Virtual Communications & Client Liaison

"I love working with clients to ensure that they are satisfied with our services!"


Nicole Ulla

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Chief Digital Officer

Art Director, UX Designer, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer


Ebonie Nichols, CPA

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Senior Director

CFO Advisory Services


Matt Giambo

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Certified Sales Director

I am a former PGA professional with a sales certification from the nation’s top sales programs. I have over 10 years’ experience in recruiting and networking with top elite professionals. I am also members of the NYS Business council and the Business Council of Westchester connecting with high individual people.


Elvin Molina

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VP Finance & Business Affairs

20 years of experience successfully maintaining oversight for key regional and national accounts.

Network ESC’s vendor compliance. 


Denise Saroda

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VP Compliance & Recruitment Operations

Over 10 years of experience in managing daily operations, staff training, and ensuring internal process compliance for day-to day activities.

What are the Benefits of Temp Staffing and Advisory Consulting?

  • No employee tax costs, such as Social Security, Medicare, State Unemployment Insurance, F.U.T.A., Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and State Disability Insurance.

  • No employee benefit costs such as medical insurance, life insurance, retirement, pension plan contributions, and the related administrative costs.

  • No liability insurance covering employee actions.

  • No paid time off, such as holidays, vacations, sick time, and personal time.

  • No administrative costs for hiring such as: advertising, recruiting, interviewing, reference checking, and processing hiring paperwork.

  • No payroll withholdings and deductions to collect, pay, administrate, and report.

Contingency vs. Retained Search – Which Is Right For You?


With both retained and contingency, the person is being hired into a permanent position in your company as opposed to a temporary role. In a contingency search, there are no upfront costs and you pay NetworkESC only if you hire one of our candidates to remain with your company for an agreed-upon time. With retained search, you enter into an exclusive arrangement with our firm. At the beginning of the search, you pay a deposit and make a commitment to pay the full fee.

Contingency Search

  • No cost unless a candidate is hired.

  • Professional, courteous, and quality representation by a professional recruiter who knows your industry.

  • In-depth screening of candidates.

  • Comprehensive interview preparation and debriefing.

  • Detailed reference checks.

  • Assistance throughout the offer and acceptance process.

  • Strategic guidance against counter-offers.

  • A full replacement guarantee for contingency placements.

  • Regular follow-up to ensure client satisfaction.


Retained Search

  • Network ESC offers full-cycle management of the most pivotal search campaigns for our clients.

  • Unique research, market analytics, sourcing, screening, and assessment features to enhance the value of the process.

  • Network ESC customizes an individualized strategy, through a candidate and client-centered, consultative process, for each position to cater to specific needs.

  • Provide real-time reporting on the progress of search initiatives.

Our Success Stories

  • Served as the principal consultant on turnaround and re-engineering of capital markets accounting and CCAR reporting processes for a major int'l financial services firm.

  • Provided a 12-person team to facilitate knowledge transfer, continue the legacy, remediation, and ongoing technology programming development for one of the most complex Full Stack .NET client-interface applications for a major US institution.

  • Contingency placement of the U.S. Head of Energy Trade Commodity Finance for a top int'l corporate & investment bank.

  • Led executive search campaign for CFO of top 5 global wealth management firm in NYC.

  • Provided core analytics, strategy, and process implementation of major medical insurance revenue recovery initiatives for the largest public hospital system in the U.S.

Our Tradition

For over 4 decades, Network ESC's practices have gradually become recognized as vital resources in the talent acquisition process for firms across many industries. The range of products and services at Network ESC have grown from temporary administrative staffing in the television industry, to retained and contingency search on a national level, to managing compliance projects for the financial services community, to providing technology development solutions to the challenges faced by Fortune 500 firms.  We are proud to have established a reputation as an ethical and socially conscious instrument of change in the business world. We stand for the honesty and integrity upon which the best of businesses are built and a true commitment to opportunity, diversity and the betterment of the global human community. 


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