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NetworkESC has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to workforce diversity since its inception in 1979. Over the years, we have established one of the most sophisticated diversity recruitment models in the industry and are consistently on the cutting edge of identifying and implementing new initiatives to create opportunities for underrepresented populations in corporate America. 

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Every day, an increasing number of firms are seeking diversity candidates for pivotal roles within their organizations. Each individual company tends to have its own rationale for supporting diversity recruitment initiatives, but it is clear that there is a movement to expound upon the traditional strategies of talent acquisition and recognize the value of supporting a workforce of inclusion. It makes good professional, moral and business sense all the way around. In fact, we would argue that such a posture in today’s economic climate is an absolute imperative in order to survive in such a competitive marketplace.

The struggle for superior talent has forced the most visionary leadership to appreciate the value of diverse backgrounds, opinions, perspectives and ideas bring to the bottom line. 

NetworkESC can customize and help implement a strategic action plan to increase the diversity of your workforce. Our associates carefully analyze the full-cycle of the client’s talent acquisition process from solicitation and resource identification through assessment, selection and on-boarding. Our assessment will help to identify areas of deficiency in the recruitment process and offers specific recommendations for remediation. NetworkESC can provide program strategies to enhance processes, policies, objectives and metrics for outreach, sourcing, interviewing, selection, on-boarding, talent development, promotion, and performance management as needed. 

High rates of attrition are often the nemesis of corporate diversity programs. These retention issues are rarely due to poor professional performance, but most often reflect static corporate environments that fail to provide the appropriate support mechanisms and acclimation tools to ensure successful employee transitions. Frequently, outstanding diversity recruitment initiatives are ultimately thwarted in the long-run by poor maintenance initiatives. Ironically, NetworkESC boasts several executives who enjoyed successful careers in student and academic affairs at top universities. Thus, we have the expertise to successfully translate some of the innovative recruitment initiatives into tangible organizational programs with top corporate clients that significantly enhance retention metrics. 


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Recent Highlights include:

  • Orchestrated national diversity search for lateral attorney recruitment for a top New York law firm.

  • Partnered with top British investment bank to enhance diversity recruitment efforts for MBA talent across top 25 programs in the US.

  • Scoped and helped implement BA/BS candidate recruitment initiative to enhance outreach to underrepresented populations in technology program for Fortune 100 firm.

  • Established diversity outreach program at target list of 60 regional colleges and universities to enhance on-campus recruitment efforts on behalf of our entire client portfolio.

  • Spearheaded a specific project initiative to identify diverse candidate pool for MS - Financial Engineering hires at a top investment firm in NYC.

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