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Getting on an Executive Search Consultant’s Radar

Executive search consultants want to work with the best candidates who are the most qualified for the positions they are working on. The two most common recruitment types are retained executive search and contingency recruitment.

Contingent recruiters are most often used for more junior positions and have a high volume workload. They are only paid if they fill the position and are often used for skills readily available on the market.

Retained executive search firms are paid for long-term results and are often hired for harder to find roles with senior and specialized skill sets.

As you grow in your career, it’s important to grow your network with you. Mutually beneficial relationships are possible: Just like you need search firms, the search firms need you. While you’re not their client, you may be a candidate for one of their client’s jobs. Someday, you also may be in a position to recommend their services, to become their client on the hiring side. Look for the right, relationship-oriented consultant. A first test is whether they’re willing to talk to you in any depth.

Network ESC prides itself in concerning ourselves with more than helping you to land your next position. Our team will partner with you, just as we do our clients, to discuss options, make recommendations, and put forth a sincere effort to identify professional opportunities that are consistent with your requirements, expectations, and goals. 

Help our consultants imagine where you might fit with a strong resume that supports a compelling personal value proposition. Be straightforward about your strengths, and don’t try to hide your gaps relative to a particular opportunity. Don’t ask to be proposed for a position if you’re not qualified. Search consultant relationships can be part of your long-term career strategy once you’re far enough along to get their attention. What have you done to find and build these relationships?

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