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How to Gain Career Guidance and New Skills with Temp Agencies

Temp jobs range from entry-level work to professional roles so you can find work in almost any industry. There are many reasons why working for a temp agency might be beneficial for you:

1) Temporary employment provides you with the chance to work when and where you want to work. Work only during school hours, take the summers off, or take a break to do something else with your life. If you are a temp, it's your choice when and where you work. Temp jobs offer flexibility, a short on-ramp to employment, a chance to build new skills, and potential for a permanent job.

2) Temp agencies constantly are working with organizations searching for job candidates. By working with a temp agency, you likely will be able to find a temporary job more quickly than if you searched on your own. This can help to make ends meet or give you a little extra income when you need it or have the time. In addition to a paycheck, many temp agencies provide benefits to their workers.

3) If you are interested in a company for full-time employment but want to learn more about it before taking a permanent job, a temp position is a great way to learn more about the culture. Temp jobs can give you experience in industries and careers you otherwise might not have thought of trying—without a long-term commitment. If you are not thrilled with the assignment or the employer, you can move on to your next position and start anew.

Our staffing company provides training to our temporary workers, and temps can gain new skills that will benefit them long after their assignment is over. Once you've been accepted into our agency's workforce, you'll be offered one or more jobs that fit your skills if there are any immediately available. The more general your skills or the positions you're willing to work in, the easier it will be for our agency to find something for you that fits.


Contact NetworkESC or check out our job board and we can help guide you.

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