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Staffing for Higher Education and Academia After COVID-19

As higher education institutions evaluate alternative methods of instruction in 2021, the need for instructors who are better trained at virtual teaching is going up. Not only is it more affordable to hire instructors with such skills, but it also creates positive outcomes for both faculty and institutions.

This isn’t just a solution for the short term and allows for institutions everywhere to create new ways to find instructors, educate and inspire their students, and build on their reputation. NetworkESC can help deliver value to your college or university through multiple solutions:

  • Enhancing the quality of your student's learning experiences with our Instructional Design experts.

  • Increased instructor engagement through a comprehensive hands-on approach to onboarding, orientation, and professional development.

  • Scalability for fluid academic schedules.

  • Agility in solution approach that is backed by data insights.

  • Reduced administrative, payroll, and instructional costs.

  • Improved compliance to state and federal regulations, with the ability to track and monitor grant funding.

Significantly improve your ability to capture prospective students and increase enrollment. Let us help you reach targeted student audiences with effective marketing campaigns. Our experts have experience filling dean and vice president level positions, both administrative and academic, for non-profit and for-profit colleges and universities.

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