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What is a Diverse Workforce?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Workforce diversity is an important concept that helps businesses appeal to a wider variety of customers, clients, and workers. A diverse workforce simply means a company has built a workforce that includes many different types of people. It can mean people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, ages, genders, religions, personalities, citizenship status, military service, mental or physical conditions, as well as other distinct differences between people. Ideally, an organization will build a workforce consisting of as many of the above, as well as match their strategies for having diverse employees with their overall organizational goals and values.

Creating a diverse organization does not just end with hiring employees of different backgrounds. The company needs to support them and meet their unique needs. For leadership to effectively manage diversity in the workplace, they need to understand their backgrounds and how their behavior and beliefs can affect their decision-making within a diverse environment. While oftentimes it may be difficult, it can be a positive thing when done right. Working to create a diverse workforce has numerous advantages for companies. Diverse employees are going to come up with more varied, unique approaches and ideas. This allows a company to better innovate and come up with more creative ideas.

Diverse work teams let employees get to know and value one another on an individual basis and can help break down preconceived notions and cultural misunderstandings. Recognize, and encourage employees to recognize, that one’s own experience, background, and culture are not the only ones with value to the organization. Employees need to be aware of how to coexist with a diverse range of people, as well as be cognizant of cultural sensitivity, to achieve harmony within a diverse workplace. Encouraging diversity is the way forward for organizations. In a global talent market, businesses that can successfully manage diversity in the workplace will have a definite competitive advantage over others in terms of differentiation, innovation, and employer branding.

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