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What is Candidate-Centric Recruiting Model?

Network ESC has long offered some of the most outstanding professional opportunities available to some of the most prestigious firms in the world. How? By being a dedicated “candidate-centered” firm that truly values our relationship with our associates and consistently adheres to a developmental model. In candidate-centric recruiting, our hiring team focus on candidates and their needs or experiences. The goal of candidate-centric recruiting is building long-term relationships with candidates, not only hiring the best candidates for your currently open job positions.

In employer-centric recruiting, employers and their needs are put first.

In candidate-centric recruiting, candidates and their needs are put first.

Network ESC is concerned with more than just helping candidates land their next position. Our mission is to serve as a resource for our staff to develop the career that they’ve always dreamed of. We know that if you want your company to be successful at attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent, you need to focus on improving how candidates feel about your hiring process. Candidate-centric recruiting will help you improve the quality, time, and cost of hire!

Our team will partner with candidates, just as we do our clients, to discuss options, make recommendations, and put forth a sincere effort to identify professional opportunities that are consistent with their requirements, expectations, and goals. Our associates and recruiting managers are trained to apply their experience across a diverse range of industries and professions.

Unlike many firms, the Network ESC model is not focused exclusively on job boards. We have developed several sophisticated proprietary systems that enable us to identify professional opportunities that other firms are simply not equipped to identify and introduce our talent pool to opportunities that are not heavily publicized. It’s no secret that people will drop out of your process if their experience fails to live up to their standards. That means that the interests and objectives of your candidates should primarily drive your hiring process. Ultimately, the best way to provide a terrific candidate experience is to become candidate-centric.

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