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What To Cover In Your Cover Letter

Nowadays, recruiters would rather you submit resumes that align with job descriptions so they can reach out to themselves and learn about you. But sometimes a cover letter is your opportunity to sell yourself and convince the employer why you should be considered for the job. Don't make the mistake of writing simply to say "Thanks for considering me" or "I'm interested in this position". You should also include some information about why you’re qualified for the job, any pertinent skills or experiences, and anything else that might distinguish you from other applicants. Here are some of the most important things to have in your cover letter.

1. Introduction

The first paragraph should include information such as the company name, the position you're applying for, and a brief of your work/career experience related to the job. To make this easier on yourself, have all of this information listed down before starting to word your cover letter.

2. Why Should They Hire You?

In the second paragraph of your cover letter, it's important that you outline why you are a good candidate for the position. Your cover letter should be convincing and show the reader why you are qualified for the job. The best way to do that is to compare what you are listing with the major requirements in the job description. This shows the employer or recruiter you know what you're applying for and have experience in doing the jobs in the description.

3. Who Are You?

In the third paragraph of your cover letter, let your personality and passion for your career or work show. This can help convince the reader that your personality will work well within the company and with other team members.

4. Conclusion

The final paragraph of your cover letter should be about wrapping up your letter and thanking the employer for their time. Remember that cover letters do not have to be long. Just make sure you focus on what the job is asking for and plan out what you are going to write.

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