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Why You Need Our Staffing Agency during the Holiday Months

According to employment industry projections, it is estimated that over one million temporary workers will be hired for the holiday season in the United States. Though most people have reason to look forward to the holiday season, hiring managers often find themselves especially busy during this period. Holiday sales, internet shopping, longer hours of operation, and special events necessitate increased employee coverage, and many businesses rely on the services provided by our staffing agency to fill gaps in this coverage. We handle many aspects on behalf of their clients, including employee recruiting and background checks, simplifying the process of staffing for employer clients. There are many benefits to be found in the our staffing solutions:

1) Adding staff during the holiday season is the smart way to solve your staffing problems. The question, therefore, is what type of staff to bring in. Fortunately, there are multiple options available to you.

2) Adding per-diem workers to your payroll is the most flexible solution. If you have many workers who just want a few days off during the holidays, per-diem staff can help fill in the gaps so all shifts are covered. In addition, many per-diem healthcare workers are willing to float between units, meaning a single employee will be able to fill multiple roles.

3) Contract employees are another great solution to holiday staffing needs. Whether because of holidays or other issues, you may have noticed certain times of year when your facility needs extra help. Experienced travelers are a valuable asset in these times. Consider hiring a traveler when you have a specific position to fill for several months.

4) The most critical benefit is that your business will be able to operate at full capacity while responding to the increased demands.

To make sure all of your staffing needs are met, start talking to our experienced staffing agency now. At Network ESC, we offer a full range of staffing solutions that are guaranteed to meet your business needs.

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