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Why You Should Hire Our Staffing Firm

Hiring the right worker for your company can be time-consuming, stressful, and costly. It’s no surprise that staffing agencies like NetworkESC have provided a solution for managers who want an easier approach when it’s time to dip into the talent pool. Many companies are attracted to these major benefits of using outside recruiters.

Shorter Hiring Times

Time is money. An open position can mean fewer sales, less overall productivity, and lower workplace morale. It’s in your best interest to get that role filled right away with a good hire, so you can get up to maximum efficiency again. If you want a job posting filled immediately, recruiters can be a good option. We have all of the hiring processes already in place, an understanding of the market, and a way to weed out those who aren’t a good fit before you ever meet them. Our connections with talent networks also ensure that they aren’t fumbling around to figure out where the best workers are. We also recruit all day and every day, so you can enjoy a shorter time to hire.

Higher Quality Candidates

Recruiting agencies not only know where to find willing workers; we know how to find good willing workers. This often means that we have access to employees who are not actively seeking but are open to leaving their jobs for the right opportunity. We also excel in providing lists of candidates who are pre-screened and pre-vetted, which lowers your risk of taking on a bad fit. The professionals at NetworkESC are well-versed in how to spot red flags as well. And if they see any, they’ll dig deeper to reveal any potential problems before you’re even aware of them.

Lower Risk

Better candidates often mean fewer administrative or legal headaches, too. Those red flags that would have turned off our recruiting agency are exactly what you don’t want to see in your new hires. When you remove these riskier hires from the talent pool, you can expect those that make it to your door to have a lower overall incident rate. For those in highly-regulated industries, this value is immeasurable. There’s also a lower risk in the time and money you spend on training. Better-qualified workers are worth investing knowledge and development dollars. It’s likely that they are committed to a company for a long time since they’ve already jumped through several hoops for the opportunity. Our temp to hire process usually allows a “try before you buy” period for new hires as well, where they can work for you in a temporary capacity before signing on as a permanent team member. This alone lowers the risk of a bad hire and is one of the best ways to see if they align with less measurable requirements, such as acceptance of company culture.

Specialist Knowledge

If you are hiring for a very specialized tech or legal field, it may be hard to find anyone with the skills or experience to fill in the gaps. That’s where our staffing agency may become your best ally. Since we have the bandwidth and connections to reach out to colleges, industry organizations, and other networks, we can find that diamond in the rough that other companies may be competing to find as well.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you hire the right team members!

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