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Business Analyst & Data Scientist

Both data science and business analytics are popular career choices for young professionals today. While both data scientists and business analysts are often seen working in close collaboration in a data driven environment, it's important to understand that each of the roles involve different tasks and responsibilities.

Business analysts are responsible for a range of tasks including understanding business requirements, laying out plans and developing actionable insights. Data scientists, on the other hand, are professionals responsible for analyzing, preparing, formatting, and maintaining information. Business analysis combines integrative skills like analytics, business acumen and domain knowledge, whereas data science involves skills pertaining to computer science, mathematics and statistics.

Business analysts are professionals who look into the ever changing needs of any business and assist them in implementing those changes. They form a bridge of communication between various departments in a business organization to execute any business plan.

Data scientists are responsible for developing algorithms and drawing data inferences. Since data science aims at unveiling complex data patterns by studying and understanding data sets, it is important that data scientists are well versed in multidisciplinary skill sets.

Both these roles are in fact, similar in a lot of ways, since both involve data gathering, inference accumulation and data modeling. The scope of data science and business analytics often overlap and the skill sets are not mutually exclusive. In any business environment, data scientists and business analysts work closely to understand and implement strategies.

Network ESC’s Business Analytics and Data Science practice provides elite services for organizations with challenged with complex business decision-making requiring advanced quantitative and statistical analysis. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business today!

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