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Dynamics Shaping The Job Market: What Employers Need To Know

Be prepared to negotiate a continuously changing and competitive recruiting market if you intend to grow your personnel this year. The year 2022 has begun with a strong demand for competent workers and a limited quantity of available applicants. Professionals who are looking for work are weighing their alternatives and waiting for an offer that includes most or all of what they want.

Because they're on the front lines helping professionals locate those possibilities, Robert Half's recruiters have a lot of insight into what today's job seekers are searching for. We've identified four trends that are expected to affect the employment market for many months to come based on what our recruiters are hearing from candidates. These are the dynamics:

Flexibility in location and timing is in high demand.

Employers who are unwilling to accept flexible work schedules may find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring. When it comes to picking where they work, today's job searchers want more options. When our recruiters provide job seekers with possible possibilities, many of them will first inquire about if the position is remote or hybrid before inquiring about other important aspects like the job title or income.

People also desire greater control over when they work, especially if they discover they are more productive outside of regular office hours or if they believe having a flexible schedule would help them achieve a better work-life balance.

Clarity on essential policies is required

The COVID-19 vaccine standards, as well as people's opinions on them, are still evolving, adding another degree of complication to the employment process. Firms must have a laser-like focus on weighing the consequences of any health and safety decisions they make for their employees in light of the public health crisis. These decisions have the potential to have a significant influence on the company's recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts.

It's critical to explain your company's health and safety standards to all internal and external audiences in a clear, transparent, and polite manner. Misunderstandings and assumptions may be avoided with a good communication strategy. For organisations that are actively recruiting right now, it's vital to be transparent about these rules with potential recruits so that they can determine if they're comfortable with them and still want to work for your company.

The anticipation of receiving competitive pay

In this employment climate, in-demand applicants are unlikely to consider wage offers that are below average. In addition, competitors are likely to immediately respond to such offers.

As a result, make sure to complete your homework. The current Salary Guide from Robert Half can help you learn about pay trends for hundreds of various positions, as well as the perks and benefits that may make your job offers stand out. Our expert recruiters may also collaborate with you to develop offers that applicants would gladly accept – and with excitement.

A great desire to work for a prestigious company

Offering a competitive wage plan is only one factor that can assist you in attracting and retaining qualified employees. In today's employment market, potential candidates will assess your company's culture and leadership, as well as if there are opportunities for them to improve professionally and grow their skills at your firm, how robust and stable your organization is, and other factors.

Consider questions like these to see how your company might differentiate itself as an employer of choice:

  • What sets us apart from the competition in our industry and market?

  • How can we help our workers have meaningful careers and advance within the company?

  • What is the impact of our goods and services on people's lives and businesses?

  • What are we doing to be good corporate citizens and foster a diverse and inclusive environment?

The answers to these questions should provide you with enough information to craft an effective corporate message. You may provide this information in job descriptions, on your website, on social media, and other places where potential recruits can find it.

Passive job searchers — professionals who aren't actively seeking for a new job but would want to learn about positions that match their abilities and expertise — may be attracted to this marketing. Typically, these applicants are only interested in making a transfer for a unique opportunity, which is why they will spend time researching an organization's reputation.

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