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How Does Sexual Harassment Training Benefits An Organization?

Sexual harassment training is becoming more widespread. It's a proactive measure that shows employees exactly what constitutes harassment and how to legally pursue disputes against their perpetrators in an unbiased way.

While sexual harassment training simply bolsters the safety of workplace environments, it also helps organizations by adding a layer of transparency and protection for those who speak out later on. With reports of such violations rising in recent years, it's crucial that workplaces are equipped with the tools they need to proactively handle these cases promptly and effectively. Here are six reasons why sexual harassment training is so important.

1. It Gives Employees A Safer Environment.

Employees who have received sexual harassment training know what to look out for and take steps to prevent further violations, whether they're speaking up or not. They may also be more proactive in reporting instances of harassment to their superiors and/or further investigating it themselves, knowing that they aren't alone and that the organization protects them fully.

2. It Prevents False Accusations From Being Made Against Any Employee.

When employees are aware of the criteria for a harassment violation, they're able to recognize it when it arises and understand where to go from there. They know who to report the issue to, what information is necessary, and what kinds of actions can be taken on their part for prevention and resolution.

3. Employees Are Better Equipped To Handle Harassment.

At the end of the day, preventing sexual harassment and handling it once it's been reported both falls on the organization and its staff members. Employees who have undergone sexual harassment training are better informed about what to do in a variety of situations, giving them the courage and empowerment to stand up for themselves and others should the need arise.

4. Organizations Are More Prepared For Inquiries About Workplace Harassment.

With sexual harassment training, organizations can rest assured that their employees are informed about what is and aren't acceptable behavior in their workplace. This minimizes (if not eliminates) potential lawsuits or complaints because of an employee's ignorance or failure to report the issue when it first arose.

5. It Helps Employers Prevent Lawsuits.

By providing a safe, harassment-free workplace, sexual harassment training helps protect employers from potential legal action by employees who have been victims of harassment. By having a clear and thorough sexual harassment policy, an organization can provide the appropriate response to an employee who reports an incident of sexual harassment in the workplace and protect themselves from any potential damages that may arise as a result of their inaction.

Final Thoughts

Sexual harassment training is a simple but powerful tool that helps organizations prevent sexual harassment and encourage employees to report it when they're the victims. It puts a stop to situations of workplace harassment and ensures that those who are doing the harassment will hopefully be taken off guard by the consequences.

The most important thing an employer can do today is to educate their employees on what sexual harassment is, why it's illegal, and how to report any instances of misconduct. Reach out to Network ESC professionals today to learn more.

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