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Quick Tips to Maintain Recruiting Momentum

You've just recruited a new employee, and you're overjoyed. You're certain you've found a great addition to your team. However, you concede that your joy stems in part from relief. It took a long time to discover, screen, and secure this new hire so you're relieved to be done with it. But before you conduct another candidate search, consider the following: What can you do to improve the hiring process in the future? The solution is to keep your recruitment momentum going and here is how:

Write outstanding job descriptions

Which positions in your business would be the most challenging to fill if they become available unexpectedly? Create permanent job descriptions for these occupations, detailing the required skills and experience to succeed in those roles. Then, even if you're not presently hiring for these roles, keep an eye out for people who possess these talents.

Look for folks with promise, in particular – professionals you might be able to recruit today for another function and train up over time. (Think of persons who are currently in your company who would be good candidates for upscaling and succession planning.) In this competitive recruiting environment, some firms are going so far as to establish new jobs inside their organization to hire applicants with in-demand skills and expertise that they know would benefit their company.

Keep an ‘always on’ recruiting focus

Making a to-do list can assist you in maintaining an "always-on" recruitment focus. Set monthly or quarterly targets, for example, to reach out to colleges and universities, industry associations, firm alumni, and anyone in your industry or professional network who may offer news and insights about possible hiring.

Regular outreach and talks with respectable and trustworthy connections can assist you in identifying highly competent individuals before they join the open market. You may contact these folks proactively about potential employment possibilities at your organization. And, if you continue to focus on discovering potential candidates early and frequently, your network of leads — and hence your talent pipeline — will grow.

Make recruiting a shared responsibility

Take inventory of who in your organization is normally in charge of talent recruitment. Do you delegate all or a portion of the task to human resources or business line managers, for example? Recruiting is a role that your entire team can help with in some manner, so consider including more individuals in the process.

Top-performing team members are your most ardent supporters, and they can generally assist in identifying individuals who will thrive in your particular company culture. Your MVPs may know folks who want to make a change but want to know they are joining a firm that is a good place to work. Your top achievers can provide the comfort they desire, as well as the facts that will pique their interest in working with you.

If it's been more than six months since your referral incentives were modified, thoroughly assess them and distribute the changes throughout the business. Referral bonuses may be a significant inducement for your staff to participate in the recruitment process. In addition, discuss recruiting in your regular meetings and include the team in revising job descriptions. This will keep those critical descriptions up to date and keep crucial requirements at the forefront of your staff's minds as they scan the horizon for good applicants.

It requires effort to keep your recruitment momentum going. However, if you make it a top priority, it will gradually become a more natural process for your business. Furthermore, by committing to a "always-on" recruitment strategy, your talent pipeline and network will expand. The end result will be less rushing when it comes time to advertise a job vacancy and hire a new employee, as well as more opportunity to uncover great hires for your team before the competition does.

Working with a talent solutions professional like the ones at NetworkESC can also assist you in maintaining your recruitment momentum. Learn how our expert recruiters can help your company connect with in-demand talent for on-site or remote roles.

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